John Duda, President and Master Horn Builder
John is the heart and soul of Calicchio. His passion, craftsmanship, attention to detail and creative spirit are a part of every horn that leaves the shop. As well as handling every aspect of the construction of our instruments, he is passing on the legacy of the great artisans to the next generation as he trains our employees in the art of trumpet-making. For more of John's history, see the page.

Miss Ruby Click
Miss Ruby came to us as a lost and beaten puppy. We took her in, cleaned her up and nursed her back to health and she has been doing a wonderful job as chief of security. In her happy home, she has developed quite an ear for the trumpet. She knows when they've reached the standard and will be buffing them before we know it. All she seems to need is a little attention, a handful of cookies every now and again, some fine horns to listen to and plenty of loving from her Papa John!

Featured Artist
Chuck Mangione
For more than five decades, Chuck Mangione's love (more)

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