Model: 1S
Serial Number: 2371
Date Purchased: 05/01/1981

I bought this horn from one of my college teachers - Russ Capri at ASU in the early 80's. It's been modified alot and it's huge. I was playing my smaller bore horn at the time that Domenick built for me in the 70's. I was like 12 and my folks agreed to pay half if I could come up with half myself - $250 - took me months! I was studying with Jane Sager around the corner and used to stop by to see him (and lady) every week after the lessons as he custom fit each part to my needs. A priceless experience - I can still smell the unique sour blend of cigar and raw metal, and see the boxes upon boxes of trumpet parts everywhere in his workshop. I'd tell him the leadpipe felt a little small and he'd dig into some box and find just the one he knew would work - the horn fit me like a glove! He even put gold finger buttons on for me to ice the shiny silver cake! What a great man - thank you Domenick!!

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Chuck Mangione
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