Model: Cornet Superior
Serial Number: 5638
Date Purchased: 09/21/1975

I contacted someone at your company several years ago before I had a digital camera. At that time I believe I was told that you had not yet reached the above serial number so I am guessing that if the bell is authentic the body of my cornet is another brand. If so, the person who grafted the bell did a good job as the finish matches extremely well. I purchased this instrument while I was in college at a music store. I believe I only paid $50 for it so if none of it is authentic I was not overcharged. It does play fairly well and I have used it from time to time when I needed a cornet. I have tried to match the body against other brands of cornets and have not been able to figure out what it is. Maybe you could shed some light on my 35 year old mystery.

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