Model: S1s/DT-3
Serial Number: 7585
Date Purchased: 06/22/2009

Be gone my large bore Benges and Schilkes. After a 6310Z, 8310Z(both sold), 1S/3m and a 3/3m (sold it) off eBay I was itching to try the newer DT with the S1s bell made in Tulsa. Never thought one would come up on eBay, but one did and my L.A. 1S/3m is now my backup. This is a better build (tighter compression, smoother metel finish), and a better sound core with the same controlled blow. It has an incrediblly fast response. I gather the horn was built in about Feb. 2009. It really opens up with larger backbores....cleaner, more endurance, records better. No more searching !!!~

Featured Artist
Chuck Mangione
For more than five decades, Chuck Mangione's love (more)

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