Model: ML 2s bell, not stamp on lead pipe
Serial Number: 1804
Date Purchased: 11/23/1969

I bought the horn in Emporia,Kansas in l969 from a music store I believe was called Lengrin Music. The owner let me play a Conn Constellation and the Calicchio and said, which one do you like best. I think the Calicchio was $25. cheaper. I said, "I think the Calicchio sounds better and he agreed and he let me pay it off over three months. I was traveling with a Rock band with a three piece horn section and was only 20 yrs. old. It had a brass finish that didn't stay on very long but the horn has a sound that can't be matched by Bachs,Benges,Shilkes or anything else. I'm not a great trumpet player but this horn has made alot of money for me over the past 39 years. I still play the horn even though some who don't know better wonder why I don't get it it refinished. I believe I paid about $225.00 for it.

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