Model: 1s Bell, 9 Lead-pipe, L Bore
Serial Number: 2791
Date Purchased: 06/23/1976

I asked Mr. Calicchio to custom build this instrument for me. I provided a picture of one of Maynard Fergusons horns as a guide to design the bell which is bent at an upward angle at the 3rd valve. It was built in California at the Hollywood location 6409 Willoughby Ave. I still have the business cards with home phone numbers and all from that time. Mr. Calicchio was ill at the time but Irma his daughter, and his son I belive who's name I can not recall told me at that time that mr. Caliccio took great interest in custom building this Trumpet. It's a great Trumpet, Silver, and has a very full rich tone. I played through High school and College and for several years in local groups mainly Jazz but now only occasionally at home for fun. I'm a proud owner and hopefull that one of my 3 sons will decide to play the trumpet as well, currently the guitar interests them most. Cordially Phil

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