Model: SOLO COPPER 1s/2
Serial Number: 6003
Date Purchased: 02/12/2002

This musical instrument is the second Calicchio. I found it in YAMANO musical instruments store of Tokyo accidentally, and I was surprised by the copper soft sound and a good high note of the foolishness when it blew for the first time. It is 1S Bell, but I am accompanied by big Bell of 5 inches and am and, in addition, like a feeling of blowing by the slide of reverse specifications very much. Because I was too heavy for me, I changed heavy bottom cap to a cap of the normal use to a thing of a standard now. The mouthpiece uses JET-TONE Bill Chase, and it is the splendid musical instrument which can support both for the lead play of the section in solo by a big band, a funk.

Featured Artist
Chuck Mangione
For more than five decades, Chuck Mangione's love (more)

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