Model: Ultra 3/7
Serial Number: 6077
Date Purchased: 05/01/1999

Purchased from Chris at Hollywood plant. Sent to Wayne Tanabe at Brass Bow in 2001, where following work was performed: 1.) High Tolerance Valve Rebuild 2.) Valve Alignment 3.) Chem Cleaned, Deburred, amd Cryogenically Frozen 4.) Gold Plated at Anderson Plating. Also- added Curry "C" Caps. Horn is currently at Harrleson Trumpets getting a 908 Conversion. Wanted to get this information entered because after Jason Harrelson gets done with it the horn will no longer be a Calicchio Ultra, but a Harrelson 908 built on top of a Calicchio Ultra. Should be outragious, cant wait to try it when I get it back next year.

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