Model: R3 with lead pipe number 7
Serial Number: 6529
Date Purchased: 05/04/2005

The previous owner of this horn was my good friend, who unfortunately is no longer with us-Mr.Hal Oringer-one of the famous trumpet collectors.Before he passed away he put my name in his will,mentioning that I could have this trumpet. I play trumpet 19 years.During my 5 years life in U.S.A, was I priveleged to share the band stand with jazz artists such as Evin Jones, Claudio Roditi, Hal Galper, Bill Goodwin, Tim Armacost, Harvie.S and many others. My big-band experience includes Mingus Big-Band,The Brooklyn Big-Band and others. In 2003 I was a Finalist in Carmine Caruso International Competition and I hope that I'll be lucky(with G-D's help and support)in upcoming Caruso Competition of 2005. At the present Iam teaching in Essex Couny College Newark, NJ and I am playing in the trumpet secion of Ray Charles Orchestra. When I firs tried Calicchio in 1995 I immideatly knew that THIS IS THE TRUMPET THAT WORKS THE BEST FOR ME. Thank you Hal and Calicchio Trumpets. Sincerely, Gregory Rivkin

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