Model: #2-2
Serial Number: 1892
Date Purchased: 02/15/1965

My grandparents wanted to buy me trumpet for my 15th birthday. I could have had any brand I wanted. At that time I was studying with Zeke Zarchy, who was playing 1st trumpet at CBS. He had played Calicchio for years...since Dominick was in New York. He suggested I get a Calicchio. He oversaw the making of the horn. We then took it to CBS where he was rehearsing the Jonathan Winters show. I had everyone in the trumpet section play it. Besides Zeke, Uan Rasey, Ray Triscari and Jimmy Salko all played it. At first they thought it was "stuffy". The next day we went back to Dominick who tweaked a few things and we went back to CBS the next week. Everyone played it and loved it. That was the trumpet I played for 35 years...until I had Chris make me the R32, which I play today.

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