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You tell us what you want and we'll work with you to achive your perfect horn!

Three construction styles:
Lightweight -lighter braces, thinner gauge brass, perfect lead trumpet
Classic -60 years of Domenick's work created this original design
Ultra -heavy weight trumpet, heavy gauge brass, receiver, and caps. Reverse tuning slide

Three bore sizes:


Six lead-pipe shapes:
#3 -more efficient, brighter sound
#2 -open venturi, free blowing, brilliant sound
#5 -A little less distinct slotting, with a spread sound similar to the Martin Commitee
#7 -smaller venturi, football shaped taper, warmer sound
#9 -Largest lead-pipe, warmest sound
#10 - Similar to the #2 with a slighly tighter feel with excellent projection.

Four bell shapes with up to 6 inch bell:
#1 -C trumpet bell
#1s -smooth taper helps create full spectrum of overtones, dark to bright
#2 -fewer overtones, more diffused, blending sound
#3 -very large bell--dark, wide sound

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If you have been one of the lucky few to play Chuck's horn and want an instrument built to his specifications, this is it.

Play the same horn as Chuck with the Findley Custom Model. This trumpet was designed with Chuck's input to his exact specifications, which involves custom modifications and design features to meet his demands.

Raw-$3595.00 Silver-$3875.00 Gold-Quote

Designed in conjunction with Dave Trigg, this model features a 3 pipe with a S1s bell that creates a smooth and open blow. Dave's horn was designed for those who prefer a smaller bore horn with that fat, rich Calicchio sound. The balanced resistance facilitates dynamic response with robust results throughout the entire range of the horn. The dead bell (S1s) gives more breadth to the sound with an abundance of projection.

Raw-$3595.00 Silver-$3875.00 Gold-Quote