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U- 3/9 (Brass 3 bell, 9 leadpipe, heavy construction in all bore sizes)
Our biggest, heaviest Ultra model is very freeblowing with a huge, rich sound. With the large #9 pipe with the big #3 bell, this model is ideal for jazz and legit work. When made in large bore, this horn will accept everything you can give it! Available in U-3/9M(.453), U-3/9ML(.460), and the most popular U-3/9L(.468)

Raw-$3995.00     Silver-$4295.00    Gold-Quote

U-1S/7 (Brass 1s bell, 7 leadpipe, heavy construction in all bore sizes)
Focused and full, this trumpet has the same air column as our 1s7. Heavy leadpipe, tuning slide, bell and receiver provide a full, rich sound with quick, even response characteristics. All horns in the Ultra line feature additional bracing, which increases projection. Ideal for any serious musician. Available in U-1s/7M(.453), U-1s/7ML(.460), and U-1s/7L(.468

Raw-$3995.00 Silver-$4295.00 Gold-Quote

U-2/9 (Brass 2 bell, 9 leadpipe, heavy construction in all bore sizes)
Utilizing the 2 bell with a flare slightly larger than the 1s bell gives the player a bit more feedback, while blending well with others. The open warm #9 pipe in this heavyweight design makes this a wonderfully warm instrument with a large body of sound. Well-suited for the orchestral player or soloist. Available in U-2/9M(.453) U-2/9ML(.460) and U-2/9L(.468).

Raw-$3995.00 Silver-$4295.00 Gold-Quote