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Dear Calicchio Customers,

Please note I have moved the shop! The new address is:

John Duda/Calicchio
1219 Lydia Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64106

The best contact is still john@calicchio.com

I will be making some changes here in the very near future as time permits but if you’ll notice Prices have changed below. Please be patient as I am setting up again but still working alone! I am doing my best to get things moving again.

I apologize for all those that have been waiting so long, but I am committed and will finish all outstanding orders!


New Policies: All Individual orders will require 1/2 deposit of the price up front and the balance upon shipping , no exceptions. We will not start your order until deposit is made.

We will work on orders as they come in and will not rush anything. If you are in hurry go buy one off the shelf or order something else from another manufacture. Pricing will be as follows:

Standards: Raw $3695.00Silver $3995.00 Gold Quote

Red Brass: Raw $3695.00 Silver $3995.00 Gold Quote

Ultra: Raw $3995.00 Silver $4295.00 Gold Quote

Copper Solo: Raw $4195.00 Silver $4495.00 Gold Quote

Thank you, John Duda

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